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Transmission & Steering Division

Bayford Transmission and Steering Division has been part of the Bayford Group for over 35 years. Our unique division offers a broad range of professional facilities and services for both the public and the trade.

Our team of over 30 experienced staff members provide quality workmanship to supply you with rebuilt and changeover automatic transmissions, manual gearboxes, differentials, torque converters, transfer cases, power steering racks and pumps.

We utilise the latest equipment, facilities and expertise to perform full reconditioning or partial repairs to all makes and models. You can choose to have your own unit rebuilt or take a reconditioned changeover unit. Either way you are guaranteed the same high level of workmanship.

Our services

At Bayford Peugeot, customer service comes first. That’s why we do all we can to save you money and time. Contact us today for a competitive quote and same day service. We specialise in the repair and overhaul of the following, for all makes and models:

  • automatic transmissions
  • manual gearboxes
  • differentials
  • power steering pumps and racks

We also carry a large range of change over components and are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment.

On site facilities

While we work on your car, you can relax on site with our range of amenities, including:

  • showroom with large lounge area
  • television
  • PlayStation for kids
  • tea and coffee
  • internet

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know there is a problem with the automatic transmission in my car?

If you notice any of the following there is a good chance your transmission requires some attention:

  • oil leaking from transmission
  • abnormal noise while driving
  • engine revving on gear changes
  • engine revving higher then normal and the car doesn’t seem to be moving as fast as it should
  • harsh gear changes
  • slow to engage drive or reverse
  • transmission seems to be stuck in one gear

If you notice any of these symptoms you should have your car inspected by a Bayford Technician as soon as possible.

What makes a Bayford Reconditioned unit better than others?

We have been reconditioning automatic transmissions, manual gearboxes, diffs and steering components for over 35 years. The experience we have gained is unbeatable, we have evolved with the automotive industry and remained well-informed of the latest technology used in all modern models.

In additions, all parts used in a reconditioned unit by us will be covered under our warranty.

What is the difference between a repair and an overhaul?

A repair is when we fix only the cause of the problem. An overhaul means completely dismantling the component, replacing all soft parts such as seals, gaskets, bushes and frictions, replacing or repairing any damaged hard parts like pumps, drums or gearsets, and then reassembling to spec.

Can you supply me with a quote prior to commencing work?

We can supply quotes on our change over units over the phone. However, in the case that we can’t do this, or you wish to carry out the repairs on your own, we would not be able to give you an exact price. This is because we need to assess your vehicle to determine the actual fault.

Can you do the job at a lower cost?

There are cheaper and lower quality parts available which will reduce cost, but they will also reduce the life of your reconditioned component. Instead, we offer a two year/40,000km warranty and only use high quality parts to ensure our reconditioned components last the warranty period and beyond.

Do you have a towing service available?

We can arrange a tow if required.

Get The Most Out Of Your Vehicle

At Bayford Peugeot, we know how to enhance the reliability and performance of your vehicle. Your car will benefit from our range of ready-to-be-fitted premium additions, including:

  • Transmissions: for advanced speed and torque conversions
  • Differentials: for greater wheel control for improved handling
  • Rack and Pinions: for improved steering response and driving ‘feel’
  • Steering Pumps: for superior steering and wheel control

Repairs Are Easy At Our First-Rate Workshop

Our workshop is purpose-built to facilitate the repair and rebuilding of vehicle parts. So whatever tweaking you require to improve the quality of your drive, head to our workshop for friendly, professional service.


  1. Your exchange transmission is warranted for a period of 24 months/40,000 kilometres, which ever occurs first, against defective workmanship and/or materials, provided the torque converter supplied by Bayford’s Transmission Division is fitted in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s installation and the transmission oil cooling system is cleaned, flushed and flow tested (4 litres per minute).
  2. Your exchange power steering component is warranted for a period of twenty four (24) months or 40,000 kilometres whichever occurs first, against defective workmanship and/or materials, provided that the component is fitted in accordance with installation and adjustment instructions issued by the vehicle manufacturer.
  3. Your exchange Manual Gearbox / Differential is warranted for a period of twelve (12) months or 20,000 kilometres whichever occurs first, against defective workmanship and/or materials, provided that the component is fitted in accordance with installation and adjustment instructions issued by the vehicle manufacturer.
  4. If failure occurs within this warranty period, Bayford is to be notified immediately, so that necessary repairs may be arranged. Warranty repairs must only be executed by, or at a venue nominated by Bayford. Removal or dismantling of the unit without Bayford’s consent will render the warranty void.

This warranty does not cover consequential damage, injury to person/persons, towage, accommodation or loss of income, nor does it cover defects arising from accidents, misuse, overloading, negligence or participation in competitive motor sports, nor does it cover units fitted to vehicles modified from manufacturer’s specification.
Warranty is not transferable upon the sale of the vehicle. If an exchanged unit is replaced during its warranty period, there is no extension of the original warranty.

It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain service and operate the unit in a proper manner to obtain maximum performance and reliability.